As simple as storing your keys inside our keylock box and authorize access us using our Escout App available in iOS and Android.
You will always have control over who accessed your keys!

Remote Access

No Installation

Safe & Secure

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Download Free App

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Free App - No activation or monthly fees

  • Use the free Ekey Access® Escout App

  • Provide permanent or temporary access

  • Provide one time access

  • Access and leave feedback/reviews

  • Track the activity

  • Map directions

  • And much more

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Sasha, Boston Terrier

"With Escout my favourite walker come to visit when I need it also if my human is not at home. Escout changed my life!"

Sally Cobbs, Homeaway Host

“I always wondered how to get a hold of one of those keylock boxes Realtors use to give acces to my guests to the House I rent in Miami. Well, I found escout and problem solved! I provide access remotely with all activity recorded, only authorized users, and no installation required! Fantastic!

Marta Gonzalez, Ejecutiva 

I am a client of my profesional life won't allow me a minute for my home duties. Since I found Escout I know exactly the time and days the cleaning person comes in and leaves! I do not have to bother my neighbour to open the door for cleaners and so I feel very comfortable having my keys under control. It is easy to use! Additionally, my kid don't lose anymore keys while in school because he doesn't  have to carry any keys with him now.

Sofia Ariza, Agente REMAX - API

An excellent professional solution if you are handling shared property access with other agents.  I had previously worked with this device in the USA that is why I had no doubt giving Escout a try.  It has helped me add visitors to my schedule; I've had no issues it is a secure and trust worthy solution. I highly recommend it to other professionals and agents.


Trusting Us

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